May 2020 Survey Results

I decided to start sharing my survey results – if you didn’t already realize this about me I am a huge nerd and I love a good spreadsheet. And why should I suffer alone? You can all join me!

In May I asked my newsletter subscribers, “What do you enjoy most about my emails, and what would you like more of?”

The results were surprising to me – over half my subscribers wanted more original content like “The Outcast God“. I honestly thought more people enjoyed the book out-takes and bonus scenes like “The Christmas Key“. But of course I will try to give you what you want and create more original shorts for you all!

Whoever voted “Something Else” but didn’t tell me what it was – thanks for leaving me in suspense! If you were one of those people, please comment on this post and let me know what else you want!

To vote in surveys please sign up to my newsletter!

4 thoughts on “May 2020 Survey Results

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  1. Maybe I should have added I would have voted for more original content (but I do love the book related extras too).


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