The Nehu Rune

“Nithur!” David said, the taste of it sour on his tongue, the word flying from his lips to strike Vell like an arrow, like a bullet, like a rock from his fist.

Without even a breath, Vell’s knees folded under him and he crumpled to the ground.

The Prince’s Fate – David uses the Nehu rune against Vell.

The nehu rune is an Otharnian enchantment, commonly forced on slaves and unruly prisoners. The rune is applied as a tattoo in complex repeating patterns to the victim’s face and neck, using a process known only to Otharn’s sorcerers. There is no known method to remove it.

Two words of power control the rune; Nithur, which sends the bearer into a state of helpless, unwaking sleep, and Vakna, which rouses them from it. Anyone who knows the words can control the rune, unless the rune’s owner orders it otherwise.

While in their forced sleep, the victim is completely unaware of their surroundings and the passing of time. They do not need to eat or drink, and cannot be woken by noise, by touch or by any amount of pain. This makes the nehu rune popular for certain types of pleasure slaves, although the practice is one that few would admit to in polite company.

Skilled sorcerers can combine the nehu rune with other runes to create complex rune-webs; the nehu rune is typically applied first to allow for easy and resistance-free application of the subsequent runes. Lady Illt of Otharn, the king’s sorcerer, made liberal use of rune-webs to control her mages, as well as to give herself the ability to harness their power to add to her own.

Prince Lonn of Otharn

Arrogant, impulsive, and dangerous – that would be one way to describe Prince Lonn of Otharn, and it would be accurate, but he is also brave, strong, dutiful, and fiercely loyal to those he cares about. Lonn is the first born son and the crown prince of Otharn, a fact he can never forgot. He was raised from birth to inherit the throne and continue his father’s legacy of peace, prosperity and justice throughout the joined worlds. The cracks only started to show when Lonn realized that his father’s idea of ‘justice’ included sending his beloved brother Vell into slavery, a harsh, brutal punishment that almost destroyed Lonn’s family.

Lonn solved that problem, as he solved so many others, at the razor-sharp tip of his ancestral spear Skarpur, and from there our adventures began in Book One of the Thrall Prince series, Prince for Sale.

Now, we head into Book Three, The Arcane Heart, and Lonn is the star of the show. On the distant, mountainous world of Tornatt, Lonn meets someone he believes was sent to him by fate. But was it fate, or was there a more sinister plot behind his meeting with Llias of Fryst? More importantly, can Lonn overcome his own arrogance and see things from someone else’s perspective, for once? Llias is a prisoner that Lonn would like to call a guest, but all Llias wants to do is go home.

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