The Thrall Prince Series

Book One of the Thrall Prince series, Prince for Sale is available now in ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Vell was a prince, a conqueror, a warrior-mage. Now, he is bound by a magical slave-collar that forces him to debase himself for the gratification of his master. On Earth, he finally finds someone who can see the torment behind his submission. Someone who may be willing to give him his freedom, his dignity, or even just a hot meal.

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Book Two of the Thrall Prince series, The Prince’s Fate is available now in ebook, paperback and audiobook (US UK DE FR)

David Thomen thought he had everything he wanted with his alien lover, Vell of Otharn. When Vell reveals that he is pregnant, David is shocked but overjoyed. David is desperate to enjoy their happily-ever-after, but fate has other plans. David and Vell must face the King and Queen of Otharn, who are convinced that Vell is still a slave, that David is his master, and that Vell’s unborn child is a curse on the joined worlds.

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Book Three of the Thrall Prince series, The Arcane Heart  is available now in ebook, paperback and audiobook (US, UK, FR, DE )

Prince Lonn swore he’d never buy a slave. That was before he met Llias.

Lonn carries a heavy burden; it is his destiny to inherit the powerful throne of Otharn and rule over the joined worlds. Suffocated by his overbearing parents and exhausted by the cold-blooded plots that surround him, Lonn escapes his troubles on a mercy-mission to the far-flung world of Tornatt. Fate has other plans for him, however: at a filthy slave-market Lonn finds a man his heart cannot leave behind, no matter what the price.

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Thrall Prince – Snippets and Excerpts

Various pieces I’ve written in the Thrall Prince universe – roughly in chronological order as they happen ‘in universe’.

Vell and the Ranger – One Year LaterWater

Vatnsandur,” the ranger said, his deep voice vibrating in Vell’s bones, “Vatnsandur, my water spirit, it is good to see you walking in my forest again.”

Vell’s life as a slave – Horizon

Vell kept his eyes open. That was the only thing under his control, whether he opened his eyes or closed them. He was chained to a post outside the forge. Not even in the courtyard. Outside. Outside under the moonlight, the distant rocky mountains turned blue and black, the foothills in deep shadow that could hide any number of hungry creatures.

Vell and David – A Day in the WorkshopThe Christmas Key Pt1The Christmas Key Pt2

“You can say no.” David was anxious. This had seemed like a good idea a few nights ago, fueled by lack of sleep and arousal, but now he was not sure. Vell was looking at his creation, face unreadable.


Slutbox is a series of short and shameless ‘kidnapped by aliens and forced to serve as their unwilling pleasure slave’ non-con erotica. It’s too hot for Amazon, so its available for your enjoyment exclusively on Smashwords.

Please note the content warnings before you read!

The Outcast God

The OfferingThe Sigils The AltarWorkThe Throne

“An offering,” came a dark voice, a deep purr, echoing all around the temple. Every hair on Tarrin’s neck stood up, the instinctive reaction of the prey to the sound of a predator.