Vell’s Messenger

The raven that had visited them twice before landed on the balcony with a loud caw. They all stared as the bird spread its wings and cocked its head at them, a pine needle in its beak. Its black eyes gleamed with something more than animal intelligence.

I love to write about Vell’s connection to the natural world, and especially the forests of Otharn. The forests were a refuge in his youth, and as he grew to manhood he met his first love there – the mysterious ranger, who fathered Vell’s daughter Jormuna.

The raven we see here is one befriended by Vell, tamed with seeds and scraps, and possibly a hint of magic as well. Vell named the bird Bryef, meaning messenger, and trained her to act as his emissary, sending hints to show his brother where to find him.

Vell and Lonn will be reunited in book four of the series – Rebel Prince, and at least some of the credit should go to Bryef the raven.

Painting by MavvoZ

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  1. Will Rebel Prince be from Vell’s point of view with snippets of David like how you’ve done Prince for Sale from David’s POV with snippets of Vell?


    1. Rebel Prince is going to be my most ambitious story so far, we will have multiple POV again but I haven’t decided yet who will be the main voice. This book will bring together David, Vell, Lonn and Liias, as well as other characters, so it’s going to have to weave everyone together. I am very excited about the challenge, and I hope you enjoy the result!


  2. When will I be able to read the rebel prince. I so love your stories I have read/ listened to what I can get my hands on of Vell, David and Lonn.


    1. Thank you so much for writing this! I have had a tough year, and I pulled the release until I can make the book as good as I know it can be. As soon as I have more to tell I will post it here!


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