The Christmas Key part two – Release

“Oh shit,” David said with an eager thrill of excitement, “I am really regretting the past two weeks. Vell, baby, dearest, my beloved prince, please be gentle with me.”

My latest newsletter asked which pairing people wanted to see more of; Vell & The Ranger, Vell & Lord Hreidmar, or Vell & David. Vell and David were the clear winners (double the amount of the next most popular) so I wrote a follow up to The Christmas Key for you all to enjoy. Hope you like it! If you want to vote on these snippets and extras, sign up for my newsletter and let me know what you want to see!

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Vell – Former Prince of Otharn

Vell of Otharn is a prince who became a slave; a fall from grace so complete and devastating that he never though he would be happy or safe again. We meet Vell in Prince for Sale at a low point in his life – he is trapped by a magical bond and forced to obey whatever commands his master gives him. Worse, he is also forced to please his master in intimate ways in order to eat, speak, or even sleep. How did he come to this lowly station? To understand, we need to unpick the layers of secrets that wrap the royal family of Otharn in their web. Mild spoilers for Prince for Sale and The Prince’s Fate below!

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Vatnsandur – One Year Later

This story takes place before the events of the book Prince for Sale, when Vell was still a prince of Otharn. It was inspired by Vell’s telling of his past with the mysterious ranger in the forests of Otharn:

Vell lay back and stretched out on the bed, damp hair spread out on the pillow. “When I was younger, I often explored the forests of Otharn alone, looking for herbs and springs, ancient trees and secret places. I met a forest ranger, much older than I, he found me bathing in a pool. He looked at me as the hunter looks at the deer, and we came to an understanding. I ran from him, naked on my bare feet. He hunted me through the forest, and brought me down, bound me and kept me at his camp. He had me as he wished, and called me Vatnsandur, which means water spirit.”

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