The Christmas Key part one – Capture

Hello friends, Merry Christmas if you are celebrating! This little Christmas story is a gift for you. This takes place after Prince for Sale and before The Prince’s Fate, during Vell and David’s happy period between adventures. Enjoy!

“I thought your Christmas festival was not for another week,” Vell said, trying to grab the gold-wrapped box out of David’s hands.
“It is,” David said, holding the gift out of reach with a grin. This was not his usual type of present, and David was compelled to be honest. “But before you get too excited, I have to tell you: it’s mainly a gift for me.”
“For you?” Vell said, raising an eyebrow, “You have been in your workshop for hours making a gift for yourself?”
David didn’t blame him for his curiosity. The last time David had banned Vell from the workshop, he had been making the customized bench that Vell loved to be strapped down to. David’s eyes unfocused a little at the thought of it, but he shook his head and didn’t let himself get distracted. There would be time for that later.
David gave Vell the box. The gold wrapping paper matched the decorations Vell had set up all around the penthouse. In a single day, he had procured green pine branches adorned with gold ribbons and baubles, all of it glowing and glinting in the gently floating witch lights that he had conjured. Christmas was new to Vell, but he had embraced it wholehearted. Probably because you want more gifts, David thought to himself, amused. Vell’s hunger for jewels, precious metals, and crafting materials knew no end, and he was always willing to show his appreciation in intimately practical ways.
David bit his lip as Vell tore off the paper, a spike of anxiety shooting through him. “You don’t have to do it,” he blurted out, “If you don’t want to.”
“I am well aware of that, thank you, David,” Vell said primly as he opened the box. He hardly ever told David no, but when he did, he meant it. He tossed the gold paper aside and flipped off the lid, excitement and intrigue turning to confusion as he lifted a gold metal cage out of the box. It was about the size of his fist, and he turned it over in his hands until the shape became clear and realization of what it was dawned on him.
His face heated. “Yes,” he said at once, “Yes, David, yes.”
David doubts evaporated, and he surged forward, pushing Vell back on the couch, pulling his pants down around his thighs to reveal his already hard length. He laughed at the sight, giddy with excitement at Vell’s indulgence of his game. “Well, well,” he said, “Someone doesn’t understand how this works.”
“Mmm,” Vell replied, stretching out on the couch, letting David have his way as he so often did. “You are a clever man, David, I am sure you can think of a solution.”
“Greedy,” David teased, but he didn’t want to give Vell a chance for second thoughts, so he leaned down and took him in his mouth. He didn’t often do this, and he was certainly not as good at it as Vell was, but his lover had no complaints; the rarity of the treat only enhanced his enjoyment of it. David held his breath and sucked hard, cupping Vell’s balls in one hand, giving him just a hint of a squeeze that tipped him over the edge. Easy.
He didn’t give Vell time to recover. While he lay sprawled out on the couch, David plucked the cage from his hand and fastened it around him. There was a soft metallic click when the magnetic lock engaged, and it was done.
“Beautiful,” David breathed. The cage fit perfectly. He had made it to Vell’s exact measurements, every edge filed smooth, and the whole thing polished to a high shine. It was a work of art, even if he did say so himself.
Vell propped himself up on his elbow, cautiously explored the new addition with one hand. A sudden thought struck him. “How long?” he asked, looking up at David, “How long will you keep me like this?”
David laughed with delight. It was too late now to be asking such questions, and Vell was only now realizing it. David looped a finger through the heavy ring that circled behind Vell’s balls and kept the device in place. He gave it a gentle tug and said, “You should have asked that before you let me put it on you.”
Vell sat up, grabbed David’s shoulder. “How long?” he asked again.
David took pity on him. “Well, how long is up to you,” he said. The delighted grin crept across his face again, “But it’s staying on until you make me come, I don’t know, let’s say ten times to start.”
“Ten?” Vell said, and David could see the mental calculation happen in his lover’s head. How many times could he make David come in one day? David was human, and as he often said, he was not as young as he used to be. Twice was easy enough. Three times if Vell timed it right, sometimes even four, but not for multiple days in a row.
“Uh-huh,” David replied, kissing the calculation off Vell’s face, replacing it with desire, with the beginning of the hazy, floating submission he loved to see. “Ten. Ten times for me, zero for you.”
Vell squirmed, his fingers still exploring the cage, his soft flesh trapped in the metal device. He nodded, his face flushed, his eyes unfocused. “As you wish, David,” he said.

“Let’s get started,” David said, pulling Vell’s pants off the rest of the way. Vell was pliant, willing and relaxed. The floating witch-lights reflected in his eyes as David pushed his knees apart and took his pleasure. Vell had just come, but even so, arousal swirled through his body, building on itself with nowhere to go. It must have showed on his face. When David was done, he kissed him and said, “You’ll get used to it, babe.”
“I suppose I must,” Vell replied. There was nothing he could do but pull his pants back on and try to suppress the sense of frustrated incompletion that hummed in his veins.

David woke Vell the next morning by turning him on his belly and mounting him. Vell lay in sleepy surrender as he was taken, uncomplaining, trying to re-tune his mind to this new restriction. He was well used to David’s early morning demands, but this was different. Vell served his lover’s pleasure now, his own desire was not a factor; it was irrelevant.
David bit his shoulder as he finished and growled in his ear, “I could get used to this, you know. How many times did I say?”
“You said ten, David.” Vell murmured into the pillow, smiling at David’s idle threat. “And you have had two already.”
“Mmm, I hope I don’t lose the key,” David said with a wicked grin.

David was gone all day, and by the evening Vell could not keep still. He tried to touch himself over and around the cage, but he could not find any pleasure. Desire built and built, but the cage thwarted him. David laughed at his predicament when he returned, Vell’s flushed face and dark eyes giving him away as soon as his lover laid eyes on him.
“You feeling it now?” David asked, pulling off his jacket and kicking off his shoes. He ignored Vell’s scowl. “Only eight more times, sweetheart,” he said, and told Vell to stroke him, his hands giving David what he could not take for himself.

“I don’t think you’ve ever been so eager to suck my cock,” David said over his coffee. Vell grunted in reply, kneeling in the kitchen, nose pressed to David’s belly, swallowing hard.

Five, Six, Seven
David tied him to the bench in the workshop. He kept him there all day, a vibrating plug in his ass and David’s favorite ring-gag between his teeth, wild with arousal and helpless to do anything about it. His jaw ached as David used him over and over, drooling and sloppy, blindfolded, floating in time, losing count of the number of times he felt his lover’s pleasure on his tongue.

David lay back in bed, his hands on Vell’s hips, guiding him up and down as he rode him. The cage glinted in the witch light, and Vell was so used to it now that he hardly thought about it. David wanted him locked up, and so he was. He sat on David’s lap, pierced by his hot length, working him to a climax, knowing that this was his purpose. He would get nothing, and his entire focus was on his lover’s pleasure.

The heat in his belly was Vell’s constant companion, but it was not a distraction to him anymore. It was a reminder of where his attention should be, and every day he was alert for opportunities to pleasure his lover, to be of use, to give himself over. David put him on the bed on his back, his head tipped back over the edge. He whispered, “Shhh, just let me,” and Vell did, fingers tight in the silk sheets as David pushed down his throat, pumping slowly until Vell was dizzy, stars dancing before his eyes, breathless.

“David, please!” Vell begged. His desire had returned full force, overwhelming him, burning through his every nerve. His state of hazy compliance had vanished. That morning he had woken and without thinking, sneaked his hand down to tease himself. He had found only hard metal, forbidding him. Denying him. The rest of the day had been torture until David returned to the penthouse.
“Only one more,” David said, buckling the heavy cuffs around Vell’s wrists and ankles and binding him securely to the bed. Vell pulled on the restraints, twisted his head to look over his shoulder, appealing to his lover to have mercy on him.
“It is Christmas Eve,” Vell said, “Where is your Christmas spirit?”
David laughed and shoved a pillow under Vell’s hips. “You’re an alien, what do you know about Christmas spirit?” he asked.
“I have seen movies,” Vell grumbled, settling down and resigning himself to David’s attentions one more time.
We should make a movie,” David said, the idea popping into his head but immediately taking root there. “Or I should make one of you. People would pay good money to see this.” He slapped Vell’s ass, making him gasp.
“David, you would not,” Vell said, breathless, the telltale flush spreading over his face, “You would not dare do such a thing to me.”
David grabbed a handful of Vell’s hair and pulled his head back. “Maybe I would,” he growled in his ear, “I can do whatever I want, Vell, isn’t that right?”
His lover’s eyes rolled back in his head at the threats and rough handling that he loved. “Yes, David,” he said obediently, “Yes, of course.”
“Good,” David said, “Now, stop complaining unless you want me to gag you.”
Vell decidedly did not stop complaining, and David didn’t waste any time to gag him and make use of his helpless body. It was the last time, after all.
Vell groaned in frustration when he realized David wasn’t going to come. David pulled out, still hard, and Vell’s muffled shouts followed him down the hallway as he left the room. David watched Vell fighting the restraints on the security cameras, letting him calm down while David sipped eggnog and looked out over the city lights.
When the yelling stopped, David went back to the bedroom and took another turn, slow and lazy this time. He was in no rush; he had all night, and Vell was just now realizing it. Vell mumbled through the gag, it could have been a plea or an apology, but David ignored it. He had one more time before he let Vell out of the cage, and he was going to make the most of it.
It was late when David finally, finally allowed himself to climax. After edging himself for hours, his orgasm took him by surprise, a heady rush that rose from his toes and fingertips and sparked against every nerve in between. He lay on Vell’s back for a while, breathing hard, before he unbuckled the gag and released the cuffs.
Vell turned over with an exhausted groan, David handed him a bottle of water and rubbed his shoulders, pulling the blankets over them both. Vell flung a dramatic arm over his face. “You are a cruel, cruel man,” he said, his voice hoarse.
“Mmm, I know,” David said, reaching into the bedside cabinet and producing another gold-wrapped box, smaller than the first. He held out the gift, and Vell’s eyes lit up, his complaints forgotten.
“What is this?” he asked.
“It’s past midnight,” David said, “Happy Christmas, Vell.”
Vell pulled off the paper and opened the box to reveal a small gold key, a jewel inset in the loop. Vell smiled, his tiredness falling away. “I take it back,” he said, “You are not too cruel. You are just the right amount.”
“Well,” David said, “You already bought yourself everything you could possibly want, so you forced me to get creative.” He reached for the key, but Vell closed his fist around it with a thoughtful look.
“You said ten times, to start,” he said.
“Yeah,” David said, and then, “Oh,” as he realized what Vell was implying. “You like it.”
Vell nodded with a heated look. “Perhaps I do like it. It is as though you have your hands on me all the time, that you have your leash on me, even when you are not here.”
David rolled on top of Vell and pressed him to the bed, kissing him hard, until they both were breathless. “You want to keep it on?” he asked.
Vell held out on hand, a green glow forming in his palm as he summoned a long gold chain from his jewelry collection. He threaded the key on it and gently placed it around David’s neck.
“That is up to you,” he said, and then added, “Merry Christmas, David.”

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this, send me a comment or check out the rest of my writing.

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