The Christmas Key part two – Release

“Oh shit,” David said with an eager thrill of excitement, “I am really regretting the past two weeks. Vell, baby, dearest, my beloved prince, please be gentle with me.”

My latest newsletter asked which pairing people wanted to see more of; Vell & The Ranger, Vell & Lord Hreidmar, or Vell & David. Vell and David were the clear winners (double the amount of the next most popular) so I wrote a follow up to The Christmas Key for you all to enjoy. Hope you like it! If you want to vote on these snippets and extras, sign up for my newsletter and let me know what you want to see!

It was two weeks later when David decided to let Vell out of the cage. David loved to keep Vell locked up, of course. He loved to take his lover as he pleased and use him carelessly, unmindful of his needs. It made David feel selfish in the best possible way, as though he deserved everything Vell gave him, as though it was his by right.

But, he thought, perhaps it was time to end it. Vell had more than earned his release, and, if he was honest, David missed making him come. He missed the panting breaths of air Vell took just before his climax hit, he missed the shuddering of his muscles, his pupils blown to deep, dark pools. He missed his limp, pliant state as Vell came down from his high.

David stood at his table in their shared workshop and pulled the jeweled key out from under his shirt, where he still wore it on the long golden chain. Immediately, Vell stopped working on the gold and ruby sigil he was making and looked up. “What is this?” he asked eagerly, “Have I finally suffered enough, David?”

“I’m thinking it over,” David said, swinging the key from his finger, the gems casting sparkles of light around the room. David loved to tease Vell as much as Vell loved to be teased, and today was no exception.

Vell set his delicate work aside and strolled over to David, wrapping his arms around him from behind, resting his head on his shoulder. He pressed his hips to David’s ass, letting him feel the constricting cage that he still wore, that David held the key to. “David, surely I have been as pleasing and obedient as you had hoped I would be? Will you not have mercy on me?”

David smiled where Vell couldn’t see it. Poor Vell. Poor, sad, Vell, all locked up for two weeks with no relief, forced to accommodate his lover’s desires multiple times a day, winding himself up tighter and tighter until he got aroused just from breathing.

“You have been good,” David mused, and Vell ground against him with a frustrated whine.

“I have let you deny me for fourteen days, David, and I have let you use me as you pleased,” Vell said, running his hands up under David’s shirt, stroking his skin, his fingers twitching at the proximity of the key to his predicament. “I have done everything you told me to do. I have been your most obedient servant. I would say I have been more than good.”

“Mmm,” David moaned, Vell’s low voice filling his mind like honey. He shifted his feet apart and pulled Vell’s hand down to caress his eager length, half-way ready to abandon this conversation and let Vell stroke him to a climax him one more time.

Vell nibbled on David’s ear and kissed the back of his neck, his voice a seductive growl, “Is there anything I can do to persuade you to release me, David?”

“What are you offering?” David said, as though considering his options.

Vell did not hesitate. “Anything, David. Anything at all.” He flicked his tongue at the lobe of David’s ear, “Do you wish for my mouth? For my hands? Do you want me bent over on your work table? On my hands and knees on your bed? Do you wish to bind me, to beat me, to use your machines on me? Tell me your desire David, and it will be yours.”

“Oh god,” David said, leaning on the table, his knees weak, “Yes to all of that. That’s my to-do list for the rest of the week, but…” he hesitated, an idea coming to his head that filled him with nervous excitement. He did not know how Vell would react to the suggestion, but this seemed like as good a time as any to ask. “There is something…”

“Tell me,” Vell whispered, his flat palm rubbing David’s cock through his jeans. “Anything you want, David.”

David was glad he had his back to Vell for this request. “I want you to fuck me,” he said, and Vell huffed out a laugh on the back of his neck.

“I assumed,” he said, the curve of his smile against David’s skin. “I assumed you would want that, my love. Do you want me here, or shall we go upstairs?”

“No,” David said, his hands flat against the metal surface of his worktable, “No, Vell, I want you to fuck me.”

Vell froze. “What?” he said, the surprise stopping his hand from its rhythmic motion.

“If you want to!” David hurriedly added, “If that’s not your thing, that’s totally fine. If you prefer things the way they are, just forget I mentioned it.”

“You…David, you do not truly want that, do you?” Vell asked, confused. “You do not have to. You do not owe me any such thing for these past weeks. I have indulged you willingly! You know that, do you not?”

“Yeah!” David said, squirming around so he was facing Vell, his back to the workbench. “No, I know, babe. It’s just an idea. A request. Sound like you’re not into it, so we can forget it. It’s no big deal.”

“A request?” Vell said, his brow furrowed. “David, I do not understand. You want me to…have you?”

David shivered, “Yeah, well, when you say it like that I do! I mean, I’ll be honest, it’s not something I’ve done all that much, but, you seem to like it, so…”

“I do like it,” Vell assured him, “I do. I love to give myself to you, but David, it is not your place to submit to such things.”

David scowled, Vell’s concern becoming clear. “Submit? Is this some Otharnian thing?” he asked, “Some B.S. about manliness and appropriate roles?”

Vell looked away, his lips pressed together and David knew that he was right. He cupped Vell’s cheeks in his hands and guided him back to face him, waiting for him to speak. Vell sighed. “I did not mention it because I did not think it was a concern,” he said. “But yes. It is some Otharnian thing, as you say. It is one of the reasons I had to hide my relationship with the ranger. I was a prince, and he a forest ranger, and yet I lay down for him and allowed him to take me. But things are different now; I am no prince, and you have wealth, influence, power, status, I have none of that! It is right for me to submit to you, and it is your desire as well, is it not?”

David rolled his eyes. “Yeah,” he admitted, “Yeah, most of the time it is, but not because of any rank, it’s just what I like. But sometimes I like to change it up, and now is one of those times, I guess. But listen, babe. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. It’s totally fine. I would not be disappointed to bend you over this table right now.”

Vell smiled, but a thoughtful look had come into his eyes, and he didn’t respond right away.

“Why don’t you think it over,” David suggested with a soft kiss to Vell’s jaw. He put the precious key in Vell’s hand and folded his fingers around it. “Either way your sentence is over. Come up and have dinner with me and you can let me know what you want to do after.”


David didn’t cook, but he did order in and that counted as ‘making dinner’ as far as he was concerned. They ate at the kitchen counter, carefully avoiding the topic that was preying on both their minds until they had finished their meal and were clearing up. Vell said, “I know I will likely not see Otharn again, but it is hard to leave behind the values that I was raised with.”

“Yeah,” David said, letting him come around on the topic in his own time.

Vell circled the counter and wrapped David in his arms. “I was willing to disregard convention to satisfy my own desires with the ranger when I was a prince. Why should I not do the same now? Such rules always seemed to apply to me far more stringently than they applied to others. I did not know why at the time…” he trailed off, bringing himself back to the point. “So, David, if it is your desire to give yourself to me in that way, I will not deny you.”

“Really?” David said, his heart skipping a beat, a feeling that was both anticipation and anxiety rippling through his body like a wave.

“Yes,” Vell said, pulling David close, and pressing his lips to his neck, drawing a long moan out of him. “In addition, my love, you have kept me locked in your cage for fourteen days. I think it would be fitting to spend the evening of my release in such a manner.”

David laughed, and then yelped as Vell picked him up bodily and headed for their bedroom. “Hey!” David said, suddenly and forcefully reminded of how much stronger than him Vell was. Vell kicked the bedroom door open and carried David into the dimly lit chamber, crammed with plants and spiky, exotic, flowers. “Oh shit,” David said with an eager thrill of excitement, “I am really regretting the past two weeks. Vell, baby, dearest, my beloved prince, please be gentle with me.”

Vell tossed him on the bed and climbed up after him, rolling him onto his back and kissing him deeply and thoroughly. “Mmm, of course,” he said with a wicked grin, “Of course, David. I will be as gentle and merciful with you, as you have been with me.”

David groaned in despair at that. He had been anything but gentle and merciful with Vell, but nonetheless, he let his lover pull off his clothes and spread him out on the bed. He had no concern that Vell was going to hurt him, but the prince was clearly enjoying turning the tables on him for once, and in truth, David was rather enjoying it too. Vell rolled off him to undress, showing David the key on the chain around his neck, and the cage still locked around his cock. “I want you to take it off,” he told David, giving the key back to him with a heady look. “I want you to release me, and order me to perform this service for you, David.”

David swallowed, his mouth dry. “Yeah,” he said, taking the key, “Yeah, OK, I can do that.” He reclined on the pillows, arms folded behind his head, a picture of ease and entitlement. “Get me ready first,” he said with a wave of one hand. A moment later, a slick, shivery sensation rippled through him and he shot upright again with another undignified yelp. “What was that?” he asked, seeing Vell with his hands raised, the last flickers of gold and green light fading from his fingers.

“My magic does not work just on me, David,” Vell explained. He nudged David back down on the pillows and slid one tentative finger between David’s cheeks to circle his clean, slick, entrance.

“Oh wow,” David said faintly. The feel of Vell’s fingertip teasing his rim was not unfamiliar, but this time it a prelude to something much more, and David could not forget it. He took a deep breath and let it out.

It was time.

He reached down and unlocked the cage, looking into Vell’s beautiful green eyes as he opened it and released him from his captivity. Vell’s eyes widened and he moaned, his cock springing up eagerly in David’s hand, days and days of denial ended as David stroked from the base to the tip in one long, smooth motion.

“Vell,” he whispered, hypnotized by his lover’s face, by the trembling desire he saw there. “I want you inside me. I want you to take me. I want it, Vell, and you’re going to give it to me. Fuck me, Vell, and that’s an order.”

“Yes, David,” Vell sighed as he gathered his lover in his arms. David wrapped his arms and legs around him, pulling Vell close as he lined himself up and slowly, slowly pushed inside.

“Ahhh,” David moaned, surrendering to the sensation, the initial stretch easing into a delicious, slick fullness that he had not felt in a long, long time.

Vell buried his face in David’s neck, the sensation overwhelming him; after fourteen days of frustration and denial to be given this. He did not know how to react. With David, his climax was always, always at his lover’s command, at his hands or at his word. This was different, this was something Vell did not think to have for himself, and he was dizzy with it. “David,” he said, his voice thick with emotion, “David, tell me what to do.”

“Yes, yes, Vell, just like that,” David said, breathless and panting already, “Just like that; nice and slow.”

Vell did as he was told, starting a slow, even, rhythm to ease David into it, to let him feel the drag and slide of Vell’s cock inside him, filling him. David pulled his knees up and tilted his hips, locking his ankles behind Vell’s back, getting the exact angle he wanted. “There,” he moaned, “Right there, baby, oh yeah, that’s it, again!”

Vell held David close and followed his instructions, giving him what he wanted, doing what he was ordered to do. Vell’s nerves buzzed, arousal filled his belly and sparked behind his eyes. He had been ready to climax from the moment David had released him from the cage, but he would not; not without permission. He would hold himself back and force himself to wait. This was not different, he realized with a rush, it was no different to perform for David in this way. Vell still put his body in his service, he still attended to his lover’s desire. It did not matter if he lay down for David, or if David lay down for him. It did not change the dynamic of their relationship that Vell loved so much. This was Vell’s rightful role, and it always would be; to be used for his lover’s pleasure.

David dug his fingers in Vell’s hair and tugged on it. “Hey, pretty prince,” he said, dragging his attention back to the moment, “Quit daydreaming and fuck me.”

Vell smiled, and obeyed.

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