Slutbox Vs Clonebox

Well, my state is back in lock-down and I am stress-writing again. So, welcome to Clonebox! Same universe as Slutbox, but not (quite) as dark. Seeing as I love you all, you can get both Slutbox1 and Clonebox1 for free until Dec 18 (coupon codes below). Tell me which one you like best in the comments!

The cradle was surprisingly comfortable, almost the exact size of Rinn’s body, with dips and curves molded to fit him. It was as though it had been made for him. Rinn settled onto his back, looking up at the looming machine above him. There were grips for his hands, and Rinn clutched at them, trying to steady himself. Surely Dr Ezrek was just trying to scare him? This must be some innocuous medical equipment that he was working on. The doctor was just playing out a fantasy. Surely.

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Slutbox 3

I am having a lot of fun with this irredeemable smut! I hope you are enjoying it too. Slutbox 3: The Modification Chamber is up on Smashwords now.

The two enforcers held Billy over a small, round platform. Rising from the base of the platform was a thick metal bar, and on the top of the bar, pointing straight up, was a long, fat dildo. At this point in his downward spiral, Billy was just grateful that they used lubricant as the two held him in position with bruising strength.

The receptionist used a foot pedal to pump the thing up inch by inch, breaching his well-used hole and pushing it home without pause. Billy was somewhat healed from his rough night, but he was still tender and far from ready to take another intrusion of that size. That didn’t matter at all, of course. There was nothing he could do but take deep breaths and try to force his muscles not to tense and clench as he was impaled.

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Content warning: Non-con

Slutbox 2

If you like alien beast-man gladiators, you might be interested in Slutbox 2, up now on Smashwords.

Not sure? Get Slutbox 1 for free until Nov 17 using coupon code VF85R.

 The fighters were big, Billy could tell that much. The shadowed figures were broad and tall, walking with the clank and grind of metal and the thud of weighty armor-clad footsteps. By the end of this spectacle, one of them would have won the right to fuck Billy in front of the assembled spectators, and he was sure they would make a show of it. He tried to prepare himself for the upcoming humiliation, but when the three fighters took their positions and the battle flag was dropped, the reality turned out to be far worse than Billy had imagined.

Billy was the prize, it was true, but he was not a prize to be awarded at the end of the bout. He was a prize to be taken and claimed in battle.

Content warning: Non-con

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