A Day in the Workshop

An out-take from Prince for Sale inspired by this extract from the book:

Even when David had bound him over a bench in the workshop and kept him there all day, using him whenever he wanted, and ignoring him the rest of the time, Vell had only ever signaled green, green, green.

Adults only!

“You can say no.” David was anxious. This had seemed like a good idea a few nights ago, fueled by lack of sleep and arousal, but now he was not sure. Vell was looking at his creation, face unreadable.

“You made this, David?” he asked, circling the construction. He ran his long fingers over the smooth padded leather of the bench, moulded and shaped with dips and curves for chest, hips, thighs, quick release straps hanging from the metal frame.

“Uh huh. You don’t have to. Only if you want to.” David was sure that this was too much. Vell allowed him to restrain him in the bedroom, but silk rope and leather cuffs were one thing, this was quite another. David had built this exactly for Vell’s measurements, adjustable height to position him exactly as he wanted, front and back. This was serious hardware, with serious intent.

Vell hummed, still circling. He didn’t look offended, but he didn’t look aroused either. David held his breath.

“And if, David, IF I allow you to put me in this device what will you do with me?” Ah there it is, David thought, the flush on Vell’s cheeks that gave away his interest.

David took a chance. “Do you know what a fleshlight is?” he asked.

Vell bit his lip. He knew. David had sent him plenty of website links to get him apprised of everything Midgard had to offer. David stepped closer and pulled Vell to him, and kissed his neck, biting where it met his shoulder. Vell moaned and tipped his head to allow David better access.

“If you want,” he whispered in Vell’s ear, “I’ll strap you to that bench nice and tight, and you’ll spend the day in my workshop, as my personal, dedicated, living fleshlight.”

Vell’s hands tightened on David’s shoulders, he pressed himself up against his lover, his half-hard cock grinding up against David’s hip. “That could be…” he paused, his voice thick. He cleared his throat and tried again, “That could be…amenable.”

David smiled, gave him another bite and stepped back. “We can stop anytime,” he said. He and Vell had come a long way in the few months since Vell had returned to New York, but this was new territory. Vell had all his magical abilities, but David did not want to push him far enough that he had to use them to end a scene between them. If it came to that, David would have fucked up big time. He cherished Vell’s trust and he was not about to abuse it.

Vell nodded. He had always been vocal about what he wanted and he loved bondage, he loved to be used, to be forced to accept what David wanted. Now he was free to refuse, Vell enjoyed having his objections and struggles ignored.

“Strip, pretty prince,” David ordered, and Vell did. He shed his embroidered silk tunic, folding it in a neat pile. David suspected he was colluding with Lively to have clothes hand-tailored for him on David’s dime. Not that he minded, he had told Vell and Lively both to buy whatever Vell wanted, and Vell, entitled prince that he was, had taken him up on it. Next came tight blue jeans with nothing underneath, and then Vell was standing naked before him, bare feet on the polished concrete floor of the workshop.

David looked at him, tall and pale, lean and beautiful. He could sometimes not believe that Vell had come back to him. He had had the opportunity to leave, and no one, not even David, would say he did not have enough reason to, but he had come back. David didn’t have the right words to tell him what was in his heart, ‘I love you’ being wholly inadequate. Instead, he gave him material goods, money, a safe home, and he dedicated himself to finding everything that turned him on and delivering exactly what he wanted. In this case, custom-made bondage furniture.

Vell held up his hands, poised, ready to cast his useful little spell to get himself clean and ready. David’s heart bumped as he realized he was waiting for permission. He hid his reaction and nodded. “Don’t overdo it,” he said, “I want you good and tight.”

Vell’s eyes darkened and the flush deepened on his face as he cast the spell. David loved how easy it made everything. Not that it wasn’t sometimes fun to go through the preparation together, but sometimes, he just wanted to get down to business.

Speaking of which. David pointed to the bench, “Bend over,” he ordered, and put a hand flat on Vell’s back to help him along. Vell stretched himself over the bench, the padded surface cradling his body perfectly, curving and dipping exactly where it should to keep him positioned as David wanted. Vell’s hands found the grips David had attached and he wrapped his fingers around them. The position should not be a strain even for long periods, every part of Vell’s body was supported, his bent knees on padded rests, his feet the same. David began to fasten the straps around his wrists, upper arms, across his shoulders, his waist, thighs, and ankles. Vell was strong, and David prided himself on his ability to control his willful Otharnian lover. The only thing he never tried was a collar. He never, ever, put anything around Vell’s neck.

Vell tested the bindings. He didn’t use his full strength, and David was not sure that it would hold if Vell really fought it, but for the kind of struggles he liked to make during their games, it would more than suffice. Vell’s face was flushed, his breath was starting to come in panting bursts. His cock was hard, hanging heavy between his legs. David had ensured he would get no friction, no stimulation, and Vell was only now realizing it. David let him settle down, then opened a drawer, stepped back and let Vell look at the array of toys. Not as extensive a collection as they had in the bedroom, but it still had plenty of variety. Vell’s eyes roved the drawer, but David wasn’t going to let him choose. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to keep Vell as quiet as possible. He was going to be David’s personal fuck-toy for the rest of the day, and David wanted him silent and submitted.

“Any last words?” David asked, showing Vell the gag he intended to use on him.

Vell pulled on the straps again. “Kiss me,” he said, wide eyes looking up at David. David crouched in front of him, stroking his long hair back from his face. Vell was breathing hard, involuntarily pulling on the straps securing him to the bench. His face was flushed, lips red and full. David took two fistfuls of his hair and pressed their lips together. Vell’s lips parted under his, allowing his mouth to be invaded by David’s tongue, moaning, eager, but only able to get exactly what David allowed him. David pulled away and Vell closed his eyes and opened his mouth to accept the rubber ball between his teeth. The gag had a broad strip of leather that held the ball in place and covered Vell’s mouth completely. The combination of the ball and the panel over his mouth removed Vell’s ability to speak completely. Any sound he could make was muffled and unintelligible. David buckled the gag and went back to the drawer. He showed Vell the next item, a narrow leather band. You would think Vell had seen a venomous snake from his reaction. He frantically shook his head and wriggled appealingly in the restraints. David laughed and walked around him, admiring the view. Vell’s ass was positioned perfectly for David’s enjoyment. David had designed the bench with his own height in mind, and he made sure Vell was aware of that by grinding his denim covered crotch against Vell’s bare ass. Vell froze and a faint groan came from behind the gag. Perfect.

David wrapped the leather strap around Vell’s cock and balls, not tight enough to be painful, but tight enough to prevent him from cumming. Vell resisted as much as he could, which was not at all. He was well secured and the bench curved to present his bent over body and spread thighs to his lover. He had nowhere to hide.

David walked back into Vell’s field of vision. He looked at his hands. Vell signaled green but didn’t stop glaring at him and complaining in the form of ‘mmph, mmph”. Lively was always watching for Vell’s hand signals, but David liked to check in himself. He cupped his hand to his ear, teasing. “I can’t quite hear you babe, you’ll have to speak up.”

Earplugs came next, inserted and topped with noise canceling headphones. Vell would hear nothing but the sound of his own pounding heartbeat and the blood rushing in his ears. Last was the blindfold. David snapped it over Vell’s eyes and stepped back. Vell was at his mercy, willingly so. He had all the power to say no, to signal yellow or red or even to get himself out of the bondage, but he didn’t. He gave himself to David. David squeezed his hands and got another green signal. Time to give Vell a taste of what his day would be like.

David grabbed a bottle of lube and gave Vell’s hard cock a quick stroke. Vell jumped and shivered as the cold lube dripped over his ass, running down between his cheeks and over his hole. David slipped one finger in, and groaned out loud as he realized Vell had taken him at his word and barely stretched himself using his magic. Vell was well able to get himself as slick and ready as he could want, and this barely-lubed, tight ring of muscle was his gift to David. He was leaving it to David to decide how well he would be prepped for use. If David desired it, he could force his way inside right now. Vell would allow it, he would accept that pain and know that David was taking it as pleasure from his body. David was tempted, his desire was pushing him to shove in and enjoy that pressure, enjoy it even more knowing that Vell, his wonderful, beautiful lover was bound and bent over and could do nothing but take it.

David shivered, pulled his finger out, yanked his pants open and lined himself up. He would not reject such a gift. Vell would be well loosened up by the end of the day. He may as well enjoy himself now. He pushed forward, slow and steady. Vell was almost too tight. David pushed harder, holding the convenient handles he had installed for this purpose. Vell squirmed, but that was all he could do. He was nothing more than warm hole for David to use, and David intended to use him.

David did not take long, the first time. He was too aroused and too excited by what was going to come next. And he had no reason to hold back. He had all day, he could fuck Vell as often as he wanted. He had no reason to deny himself the pleasure of forcing his way inside his lover’s body and taking exactly what he wanted. A hard, selfish fuck. Vell was his. He was his toy. His possession. Willingly, now, and that made all the difference. David finished inside him, a final hard thrust that didn’t even rock the bench. It was bolted to the floor. David could hear muffled sounds from under the gag, faint, incoherent. Under the blindfold and the earplugs, Vell would be disoriented, already losing track of time, losing track of his surroundings.

David pulled out and replaced his cock with a plug, sliding it inside, watching Vell’s hole swallow it and close around it. He had a few more surprises for Vell, but he would start him slow.

“All good, Liv?” he asked.

“Elevated heart rate, but within expected parameters,” came the reply from his AI assistant.

David gave Vell’s ass a fond squeeze and stepped away. Even a few steps, and Vell would have no way to tell where he was. Vibration from sound or footsteps wouldn’t transmit to the bench, and the earplugs and headphones would keep Vell completely isolated. He would only know where David was when he was fucking him. David crouched in front of his lover. The gag covered the bottom half of his face and the blindfold covered his eyes. Hardly any of his face was visible, but what David could see was flushed, hot with arousal. David stroked his fingers over Vell’s cheekbones, extracting a flinch and then a muffled moan. Vell’s his whole body shuddered, then his hands clenched on the grips and relaxed. Green.

David put one finger on the tip of Vell’s nose, a soft boop, and after a few seconds Vell nodded. David pinched his nose shut for a slow count to twenty. He let him fight, the straps straining but holding, the bench not even rocking as he struggled against the restraints, and lost. Vell’s breath whistled when David let go, taking long minutes to calm down again. David double-squeezed his hand and got an answering double-squeeze. He circled to check his cock, hard and angry red, leaking and so, so far from getting enough stimulation that David gave him a quick stroke, just to remind him what he was missing. When Lively confirmed Vell’s heart-rate was back to expected parameters, he put his finger on his nose again, waiting for his nod. This time, he held him for longer. Despite his frantic struggles, Vell would be counting along in his head. David took it to 32 seconds, and as he expected, after 30 seconds Vell’s panic increased, a sudden spike of fear that he had miscalculated. David let him go, kissed his nose, moved away a few paces.

David could hardly stand to leave him alone, but he wanted to let Vell work himself up for a while. Leave him alone in darkness and silence and let him imagine what David would do next.

He gave it ten minutes. It would seem much longer to Vell, even if he was counting in his head, which he probably was. He would lose count, second-guess himself, his counting would speed up and slow down in time to his heartbeat. After ten minutes, David clicked a button on the controller that activated the vibrating plug. The reaction was instantaneous. Vell stiffened, searched his head from side to side, trying to understand what was happening, what that sensation was. His hands clenched and released over and over on the grips, wriggling the few fractions of an inch that the restraints allowed him. The vibration pitch changed, lower and slower, and Vell whined into the gag. David stroked himself over his pants, already ready to go again. And why deny himself? Vell was in his hands. His body was his to use in any way he wanted.

David rummaged in the drawer and pulled out another gag. Not one of Vell’s favorites, but it certainly was one of David’s. A leather wrapped metal ring, about two inches across, on a leather strap. Not being a total animal, David quickly washed up.

Vell would resist if he saw what David had planned, so David didn’t take off the blindfold. He just unbuckled the current gag and popped the ball out of Vell’s slack mouth. Even allowed to speak, Vell didn’t, just a desperate whining pant, the vibration of the plug still driving through his body, keeping him on the edge, but the leather strap preventing him from getting any release. David held the gag in one hand, pulled himself out of his pants with the other. Vell would think of only one reason he would take off the gag, and sure enough, when David pressed his cock to Vell’s flushed lips, he obediently opened his mouth, expecting to suck, to use his tongue, his lips, his mouth to pleasure his lover. Instead, David slipped the ring behind his teeth and shoved it back, forcing Vell’s jaw open. He buckled the strap to the sound of Vell’s outraged scream, a wordless cry that cut off into a strangled gurgle when David took a double handful of his hair, held his head at exactly the angle he wanted, and shoved his cock down his throat. David held him there, his face pressed to his groin, grinding his hips into his face, his cock buried in his spasming throat. He pulled all the way out, the trail of saliva and pre-cum drooling from Vell’s mouth, the scream now a moan of defeat and desperate need. Vell’s hips were trying to grind on the bench, his every muscle clenched. David cranked up the vibration of the plug, gave Vell’s hand a double squeeze, got back a triple squeeze that almost broke bones. That roughly translated as shut up and fuck me before I murder you and David laughed out loud and did it. He ripped off the headphones and the earplugs to let Vell hear him, hands fisted in his hair, using his throat exactly as he pleased, loving the wet gurgle of his lover choking on his cock.

“I fucking love that sound,” David told him, panting, breathless, dizzy with mastery, with the sensation of Vell’s throat around his cock. “I love to fuck you like this, you know why? Because there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re mine. Your mouth, your ass, your body is mine. I can shove my cock in you and fuck you until I cum and you can just take it. You’re going to stay here all day getting fucked at both ends, my choice, not yours, and you’re not done until I say you’re done. And I’m just getting started.”

With that, and Vell’s whine vibrating his throat, David came for the second time.

He left Vell like that. His open mouth drooling helplessly, still blindfolded, unable to speak except in unintelligible moans. David still had more surprises for him, and Vell had a lot more work to do before he was done.

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  1. These little scenes are getting me excited the next book. I love seeing the continued growth of the characters. Send down more…


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