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Continuing the series of popular highlights from my kindle readers – another of Vell’s POV chapters from Prince for Sale. What I am getting from this is that you all like Vell’s POV!

Vell spat on the ground, smiling through bloody teeth. “I am Warprize-Thrall Vell. David Thomen of Earth is my master. He has not abandoned me.”
Outside the gates, David smiled grimly. “No, he hasn’t,” he said to the air around him, “No he hasn’t. Just hang on a little longer, baby. I’m coming.”

I love it when Vell says that line, when he claims his identity as David’s slave not because he is forced to, not with any reluctance or shame, but with conviction, with knowledge that it is true. David is his master, and that bond goes both ways, David has responsibilities to him, and Vell knows that he will fulfill them.

Remember back at the trading hall, when David had to chain Vell to the post and leave him there?

Concerned, David stepped closer. “Vell, I’m not going to sell you.”
Vell choked on a laugh, eyes wide, breath coming fast, “My own father sold me,” he said. “And my mother let it happen. And I am chained to a display post in the trading hall. You can make me no promises, Master.”
David leaned in, placing a soft kiss on Vell’s jaw, slipping the key to the cuffs into the pocket of Vell’s tunic as he did so. “Trust me,” he said. “Trust me. I won’t let you down.”

Yeah, that bit. David told Vell to trust him, and when it counted, when Vell is kidnapped and caged and tortured in the heart of the impenetrable forge, Vell does trust that David is coming for him.

*my heart*

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  1. I will admit to being a bit rubbish at using the highlights feature but these are some of my favourite parts too. My heart breaks a little more for Vell when he is chained to the post so I love what David does here.


  2. Hey, I know the books are revealing Vell’s past but are we going to learn about David’s? I mean in prince for sale David says his parents were rich but in the Christmas key part 2 he says he was penniless. What’s his story?


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