A Small Update

Hello Friends,

It means so much to me that people have been checking up on me, asking how I am, and wondering if everything is OK. You all are the absolute best, and I am lucky to have friends and readers like you. As many of you have guessed, I have been having a difficult time what with all the *everything*, and it has hit my creative output pretty hard.

I am still determined to finish Vell, David, Lonn and Llias’ adventures, and I am writing the occasional fun little scene for them when I can, and hoping I can get back on the wagon to finish book four before too much longer!

Thank you so much for your support, it really does mean the world to me,

All the best, Caroline

I’m Everywhere!

After a long time exclusively selling through Amazon, I am making a change to distribute through multiple retailers – in fact, I am trying to get my books and audiobooks into as many stores as possible, including big names like Google Play, Kobo,and Barnes & Noble, as well as international retailers, lending libraries and subscription services.

Click here for all the places you can find my books

If you want to request my books or audiobooks through your local library (free to you!), I am distributing through Overdrive (the Libby app), and many other library providers. Log on to your local library service and search my name or book titles.

Happy reading and listening, everyone!

The Prince’s Fate – Out Now

It’s here! $3.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

Vell wiped his face with his hand. He shook his head in disbelief, but he steeled himself anyway. He took a deep breath and faced David.
“David, this is what I must tell you. I love you too. I am with child. Your child. I am pregnant.”

Welcome to Prince for Sale 2.0! Fully re-edited, and with a beautiful new cover. If you have the e-book you can update it on Amazon at no charge. I’m getting ready to launch The Prince’s Fate (coming soon!) and the new cover is part of that. Hope you like it!

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